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Backup Your Asset!!

It's strongly recommend that you have a system for backing up your website regularly. It's too valuable an asset to risk losing.

We like ManageWP (for backups and more).

They have daily backups with 90 day rollback for a few dollars a month. It's great when you have a problem that also gets backed up! You don't want this! Really nice when you're working on the site and mess something up too, you can just revert back to the last backup.

Their pricing is very granular and you only pay a couple dollars per month for what you want. The plugin is already installed in the template website. You just need to enable it.

To connect it to the ManageWP dashboard we recommend using the "connect by code" option, it's a bit easier/more robust than using the login and password.

Here Are Your Initial Login Details

(Change them after you log in!)

Your website comes with a default user you should delete after you’ve set up your user account.

When you first deploy the site login with:


[email protected]



For Best Security:

While logged in and on the dashboard, you’ll find Users towards the bottom left.

Choose Add New and make yourself an account. Be sure to give full admin access.

Log in with your new user and delete the [email protected] user.

PRO TIP: You can create users with confidence that if they mess anything up, you’ll be able to revert to the backups mentioned on this page.